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台灣利興成立於 1970年,地處台灣木工機械及刀具之鄉 ----台中市豐原區,數十年來不斷地在世界各地及東南亞市場成長茁壯,我們一直貫徹對客戶的承諾,提供高品質之服務與產品,目前在越南、馬來西亞、印尼、中國等國家分別設有子公司

Taiwan LIHSING was established in 1970, located in Feng Yuan, Taichuang - the home of woodworking machinery and cutters in Taiwan. During the past 40 years, we kept developing and growing in the market of Southeast Asia and all over the world. We keep our commitment to provide the best service and products to our customers. Today, we have branches in China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, in order to provide our experience and particular equipment immediately to our customers to settle their problems.


Take on all responsibility with reputation

In the past 40 years, the LIHSING products were sold to wherever our customers needed, and were fully accepted by the market. Mr. Liu Shin Long, the chairman of LIHSING Corporation firmly believes that the most important thing to manage LIHSING Corporation is Reputation, even though a small mistake, we will take on all the responsibility just because this is LIHSING.


Serve global wood industry by technology

In 1993, we take the lead in bringing in the computerized automatic machine and the core integrated technology of LIHSING, and adding some importance factors such as high technology, high precision, high efficiency, setting up the lab of material analysis, quality control center, balance adjustment center to make a professional production line of woodworking cutters. All these can ensure our products being more professional, higher quality and shorter delivery time. With this numerical control and scientific production line, we not only make the cutters more accurate but also make LIHSING corporation become the biggest cutters manufacturer in some areas. The cutters which we manufacture are as follows: Circular Saw, Router Bits series, Woodworking Drills series, Back Knife series, Spiral Bits, Solid Carbide Bits, Finger Joint Cutter, Spiral Cutterhead, etc.


Create the perfect products by skill

LIHSING 40 deeply describes our corporate culture and brand value. Mr. LIU devotes himself to woodworking cutters industry and always improving technique and quality of woodworking cutters with his creativity. He leads each person in LIHSING Corporation to manufacture the perfect woodworking cutters. If the Planing Cutterhead as to be  powerful and stately, the Spiral Cutterhead which made with high technology should be considered as a perfect and proud masterpiece.


Build the good partnerships by quality

Quality is the life of every staff in LIHSING Corporation. After LIHSING Corporation established, from material analysis to finally pass the finished product inspectionin this process each cutter contains all the attention of the staff, they focus on the “Quality”. All the people in LIHSING Corporation hope that each customer could build up friendly partnership with us and strengthen the intercommunication and mutually develop.



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